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Millions of people across the world both young and old suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can be embarrassing to anybody and can even adversely affect an individual’s self-confidence. There are many different reasons for hair loss and balding including age, styling damage, genetic make-up, lifestyle, and stress. These are just a handful of the many causes. No matter what the reasons are, there are several ways you can treat hair loss and trigger the re-growth of your natural hair. Both women and men experience hair loss.

Before and After - Best Hair Loss Concealers

In order to have the hair grow back on its own, the hair follicles must be stimulated to regrow lost hair. Scientific studies have brought a variety of hair loss treatments to the table to eliminate the suffering of balding individuals. While hair transplants continue to be a long-term sustaining solution for folks who can afford it, there has been high demand for less expensive options. Some of the best hair loss concealers on the market will have similar appearance enhancing results as a hair transplant surgery completed by a professional.

Hair loss concealers are a smart way to buy yourself a few more years of great, full looking hair. Due to the competition in this product category, prices have been driven down, making long term refills and application more economical.

Comparison Table: Top 10 Hair Loss Concealer Products of 2019

Here is our comparison table of the best hair loss concealers. In our review section further down the page, we take a closer look at five popular options that we endorse. We’re regularly updating this page to reflect prices, quality, and popularity.

Finally Hair Building Fibers Refill Kit213
Samson Hair Building Fibers61
EFFICIENT Keratin Hair Building Fibers44
Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers102
Cuvva Keratin Hair Fibers41
XFusion Economy Keratin Hair Fibers51
Hair Magic Minnow Hair Building Fibers71
Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers104
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer71
TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers94

Hair Loss Concealer Reviews: Our Top 10 Best Hair Loss Concealers Picks

This section mirrors our comparison table and you’ll find our list ordered from lowest to highest price. It’s always wise to use a quality hair loss concealer. Quality hair loss concealers are the safest option and are known for the best results. These products have passed safety tests and will not affect the tissues of your scalp or the health of your existing hair. Try to use a hair loss concealer that has keratin based fibers that combine with hair using static electricity.

Keep in mind that the choice of a the best hair loss concealer for you is typically a process of trial and error. It’s also important to match the color of the concealer with the color of your hair in order to prevent major goof ups. The tiger hair look is just not in yet.

1. Finally Hair Keratin Hair Building Fibers

Finally Hair is like Costco’s Kirkland of hair loss concealers. If you want to buy in bulk, you can get hair fibers for less and in any color you can dream of. Available in over 20-shades, you have the power to customize just the right color that best suits your hair. While most of the hair loss concealers may clump in your hair, this hair loss product has anti-clump properties. It does not clump, absorbs moisture, or make your hair look flat. This product offers a complete natural look.

Finally Hair Fiber Color Options - Best Hair Loss Concealers

It’s advisable to use the product only on a dry hair. Pat it well to even out. You may then use a hair spray to hold the fibers safely. For best results, it’s always important to close the lid of the product after use. Also, move out with an umbrella when it rains.

Finally hair is a loss concealer made up of hair building fibers that cover your thinning hair or bald spots instantly. The hair fiber is protein based keratin microfiber designed to match the color of your hair and to cover any thinning spots or embarrassing baldness. The fiber works perfectly for both women and men of all ages.

Finally hair is 100 percent safe drug free hair loss product and is a cost-effective, prudent alternative to expensive hair transplant procedures that may or may not turn out right. This product has no known side effects. Finally Hair can be used to combat both male and female hair loss. This helps folks suffering from female or male pattern baldness. After you apply it you won’t suffer from baldness or thin hair which may result in unpleasant consequences. In addition, Finally Hair is an instant solution to balding.

2. Samson Hair Loss Building Fibers

Samson Hair Building Fibers - Best Hair Loss ConcealersSamson makes some great hair fibers for a fair price. If you’re looking for a refill for your used Toppik bottle, they also sell standalone refills pouches. If you have been wishing for a natural, voluminous look then buying this product is another great choice. The product does not utilize any type of wool, irritation or other such messy ingredients. It has original hair fibers to provide you with a real look that is totally undetectable.

This is not a spray bottle. You need to sprinkle the fibers uniformly on all the affected spots. Continue doing this until you have full coverage. You may use a soft brush to aid in evenly spreading the hair fibers. Do not brush it through the scalp.

Hair Loss Concealers

It’s advisable to only apply Samson hair fiber to dry hair. Hold the container like a salt shaker above your head (if you’re not certain of how much to pour or how hard to shake the bottle, practice above a white sink and you’ll get a very good idea of how to use it) and start sprinkling the fibers uniformly over the affected areas.

Shake well and sprinkle slowly until you have achieved the desired coverage. Style your hair using a soft brush gently brushing. Try not to let the brush touch your bald scalp, this soft motion brushing helps distribute the fibers effectively across the thinning hair spots at the right depth and density.

3. EFFICIENT Keratin Hair Building Fibers

EFFICIENT Keratin Hair Building Fibers

EFFICIENT offers four colors of hair building fibers: dark brown, light brown, black, and medium brown. It is one of the less expensive options when it comes to hair loss concealers and some customer feedback indicates this product doesn’t have quite the same quality as a brand like Toppik. There are some reports of clumping and needing to reapply a second time during the day. Nevertheless, if your hair has just started thinning and you’re looking for a budget option, EFFICIENT is worth considering.

4. Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers

nanogen keratin hair fibers

These hair fibers from Nanogen are made from 100% natural Keratin to help build volume and thickness to your hair.  The fibers are currently available in 10 different hair color shades, and two different sizes. They are safe for minoxidil users and sensitive skin. They easily made the cut for best hair loss concealers. The Nanogen Shampoo is made to help remove the Keratin fibers from your hair so it’s a perfect addition to the set.

5. CUVVA Keratin Hair Fibers

CUVVA Hair Fibers Hair Loss Concealer for Thinning Hair

CUVVA is a step up in quality (and price) from our first three best hair loss concealers in this list. They offer the usual colors: dark brown, light brown, medium brown, and black. Their formula uses fairly high quality organic proteins that attach to hair follicles nicely. Another thing we like about CUVVA is there 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results after trying it out for 2-3 days, get your money back.

6. XFusion Economy Keratin Hair Fibers

XFusion Economy Keratin Hair Fibers

XFusion is actually made by the same people who make TOPPIK — a reputable company by the name of Spencer Forrest. XFusion costs less than Toppik but is an excellent product and nearly the same quality. XFusion excels when it comes to customer choice. They offer 9 colors and 8 sizes, so you can get exactly what color you need and buy in bulk if you so choose.

7. Hair Magic Minnow Hair Building Fibers

Hair Magic Minnow Hair Building Fibers

This formula is a little different from other hair building fibers. Using completely natural ingredients such as yarabian cotton and minerals, it has a consistency similar to shaved hair clippings. Hair Magic encourages you to apply a hair spray directly after sprinkling their hair building fibers onto your head. Hair Magic sells a product that was designed specifically for this purpose called the Hair Magic Fiberholding Spray. Make sure your hair is completely dry and doesn’t have any product like wax or gel in it before application. Done right, it will have a trans-formative effect on your appearance.

8. Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Nano Fibers

Infinity Hair Building Fibers Hair Loss ConcealerCreated by Nano Fiber Technology, Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers has topped the list. They offer 10 different colors of hair fibers. Once you start using this hair loss concealer product, you’ll likely settle with this one. There is few other hair loss concealer that will offer the same results.

infinity hair concealer

This product builds amazing density into your existing hair. It’s effective in offeringunnoticeable coverage to your balding spots. All you have to do is shake the bottle well, apply it on the baldness spots, style, and go! Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers come close to completely eliminating the appearance of thinning hair for both men and women. The hair fibers only needs to applied once per day and will last through sweat, wind, and rain. It’s completely unnoticeable, even within inches. All you will notice is thicker looking hair.

The product instantly makes thinning hair look thick and full. Fibers stick to existing hair and fills in balding and thinning spots. The Infinity Hair Loss Fibers that comes in a 28 Gram supply will basically last six to eight weeks or 40-80 applications. This will depend on the amount and severity of the thinning areas.

Infinity before and after examples

The advantages of using Infinity’s Hair Concealer product includes: instant solution to thinning hair, gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in few seconds, is safe and easy to apply, and is rain, wind, and sweat resistant. It is at least worth trying out in the bathroom mirror to see the results for yourself.

9. TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers - Best Hair Loss ConcealersTOPPIK is probably the most well known hair concealer product on the market. It is priced at a premium but if you’re looking for the gold standard, this is it. The fibers are dispersed onto the hair using the shaker bottle. These fibers are Keratin proteins, which always keep a natural static charge. This helps them bind to your thinning hair follicles making your hair appear full and healthy. It removes easily with a quick shower and shampoo.

TOPPIK says these fibers are water and wind resistant, but don’t push your luck too far. If you expect to run through hurricane like conditions to make it to your dinner reservations on your date night, don’t expect them to maintain a perfect look.

toppik hair strands examples

If you use this product liberally and sprinkle a bunch of fibers on your remaining hair follicles, it will look like you have a full head of hair. You may even get some compliments in which you can respond, “Just my good genetics I guess.” In all seriousness, this is a good product that will buy you a few more years of good looking hair. This is also a great product for women who can touch up their hair, mask grey roots in-between appointments, and other such uses. TOPPIK comes in 9 color shades so you can get an exact match and make it look completely natural.

10. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki - Best Hair Loss Concealers

Made of natural fibers from plants, Cobaki hair loss concealer instantly eliminates bald spots and thinning hair. It bonds your hair safely and is free from any form of animal ingredients. The most interesting thing is that it works for both men and women.

Once you apply this hair loss product, each thread of your hair thickens miraculously. Strangers will never know that you were suffering from baldness. It’s wiser if you don’t keep your hair styled with this product for more than ten hours. This is because the air will not circulate through your hair and may result in damage to your hair. Caboki is made of a series of charged micro-fibers that, when applied to the scalp firmly binds to the hair shafts and create a denser, fuller appearance. According to the manufacturer, these micro-fibers are comprised of two different elements: iron oxide based natural colorants and Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum fiber. The manufacturer of this product claims these elements allow the product to create a natural, healthy appearance as well as being capable of withstanding sweat, rain, wind and harsh lighting conditions.

However, since these elements have been used in other hair loss concealers, Caboki still must prove why it’s the best. So, what makes Caboki one of the best hair loss concealer? According to the manufacturers, this hair loss product differs from other hair loss concealers in the following ways:

  • Caboki particles, different from other micro-fiber concealers, are negatively charged, not positively charged. Positively charged particles are believed to have a greater tendency to resist and oppose not only each other but also the positively charged hair shafts.
  • As a result, when the particles attach near each other on a hair shaft, theyare more probable to repel and detach. Negatively charged particles do not experience this intense phenomenon and create a much greater, electronically attractive bond.
  • Because Caboki particles create a solid charged bond, the thicker, more volumized hair shafts are more likely to stand erect than a less strongly bonded concealer that may collect on the scalp. According to Caboki manufacturer, this combination will eliminate “dull, flat” appearance associated with other hair loss concealer products.

By only using natural elements, Caboki avoids some of the potentially harmful fillers, synthetic dyes, and artificial preservatives utilized in other hair loss concealer products.

Benefits of Using a Hair Concealer

Hair loss concealers have become an alternative or supplement to hair transplants as they are instant, effective, and very affordable. There are many options and color styles available to help effectively cover up those balding spots.

Apart from the safety issues that can be avoided by using hair loss concealers, the other interesting benefit is the fibers ability to blend in naturally with existing hair. This prevents drawing unnecessary attention when going out or spending time with friends and family. These hair building fibers offer a more sensible and suitable solution when compared to a cheap looking wig that is obviously fake.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Your Problem

Balding and hair loss is a problem that is commonly seen in old age. For some individuals, unfortunately, hair loss is a problem that has to be dealt with in their early years. It can be much more embarrassing to experience balding at a young age.

Some people will assume it’s the individual’s wild way of living or shortage of nutrition that is causing the hair loss. In nearly all cases, this is not true and it is likely genetics that are the primary antagonist. Balding and hair loss is not a problem limited to men only.

Today, women are also experiencing this uncomfortable condition. Hair loss can sometimes lead to issues like depression, anxiety, and lower self-esteem.

Finding a Solution

To deal with this condition people often try a number of hair loss products on the market. Mostly Rogaine or getting a hair transplant is on top of the list of the countless options available. But hair transplants are a better idea for men than women as men have better chances of providing donor areas compared to women.

Hair transplantation chart

What’s more, at first glance, the procedure of hair transplant appears quite frightening. On average, the surgical session is 1000-2000 grafts with a cost of five dollars to six dollars per graph. The requirement of the graph is determined by the degree of baldness and how thick you want the transplant to look. After the entire process, new hair will start to grow in around three to four months and will be mature only after a year. This is a long, expensive, and tiresome process.

Types of Hair Loss Concealers

However, eliminating baldness without a surgical process is a preferable option for many people. This is where hair loss concealers come into play. For the last few years as products have improved, hair loss concealers have become one of the most probable options to cover the balding areas. Hence, you’ll find dozens of suppliers when shopping for a hair loss concealer.

Hair loss concealers totally hide the effect hair loss has on your scalp and do not prohibit growth of the remaining follicles. Some of the best hair loss concealers make a person’s existing hair appear fuller, and even much healthier looking. The thickened hair shafts reduce the visibility of the bald parts of an individual’s scalp.

Results in 60 Seconds

Hair concealers are available in many forms. The powder solids are now the most widely used. Though some of these products were subpar in the past, they are now providing excellent results. The powder like formula sticks to the hair by means of static electricity. Hair loss concealers are also available in a cream form that thickens the hair temporarily and covers the scalp with heavy types of dyes.

Hair fibers carry out the part of thickening the look of the hair. Sometimes sprays are a collaboration of dyes and fibers. The effect of these concealers washes off after the individual shampoos his or her hair. In addition, they do not stain your clothes or pillows. The ones that made our list also have great durability which means they hold up better against external agents like the rain and wind.

Video about How Hair Concealers Work and How to Apply

Here’s an example of one of our recommendations, Toppik Hair Fibers, in action!

Best Hair Concealer Types

It is a good idea to be aware of your options before you make a purchase decision.

Sprays: These types of hair concealers are easy to apply and are effective to hide the bald spots on the head. They contain chemicals and color dyes which give your scalp the same shade as your hair, giving fuller hair look. These sprays can, however, look artificial and over the top if applied in a hurry or callously. Their ability to resist environmental conditions like heat, wind and rain is debatable. It’s a good idea to avoid the elements as much as possible with these.

Sprinkles & Powder Solids: We recommend these types of concealer products over sprays. These are micro-hair building fibers, which like little magnets bind firmly to the existing hair and are very strong due to static electricity bonding. They are available in powder form and need to be generously applied from a dispenser directly on the bald areas, giving a natural finish and hair volume.

Infinity hair loss concealing nano fibers

Infinity Hair Fibers

Repeating the process several times gives full coverage of the affected spot and it just takes seconds to complete this process. These hair loss concealers can be removed easily by use of everyday shampoo.

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