Many individuals want to take an all natural approach to improving their hair’s condition. Castor oil for hair loss and hair growth is one of the best organic solutions. What are the unique properties of castor oil? It has a special fatty acid concentration containing omega essential fatty acids, including the very rare ricinoleic fatty acid. This composition is what makes castor oil such a robust excipient.

Castor Oil for Hair Loss

Top 9 Products Containing Castor Oil

Here is our chart of the best castor oil products for hair growth available right now. For a closer look at some of the most popular products, check out our review section further down the page.

NOW Solutions Castor Oil100% Castor Oil$0.60 / Fl Oz
Majestic Pure Castor Oil100% Castor Oil$0.80 / Fl Oz
The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning TreatmentCastor Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Peppermint Oil, Almond Oil, Meadowdoam Seed Oil, Chamomile Extract, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein$1.00 / Fl Oz
Okay Jamaican Castor Oil Moisture Growth TreatmentCastor Oil, Argan Oil$1.20 / Fl Oz
Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil100% Black Castor Oil$1.70 / Fl Oz
Art Naturals Organic Hair Loss ShampooCastor Oil, Nettle Extract, Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola Extract, Green Tea, + More$1.70 / Fl Oz
Gio Naturals Castor Oil Regrowth Treatment for Hair and Skin100% Castor Oil$3.70 / Fl Oz
VITAMINS Shampoo for Hair LossCastor Oil, Procapil (Patented), Biotin, Coconut Oil + More$5.00 / Fl Oz
Strong Hair Care Treatment SerumCastor Oil, Biotin, Keratin, Caffeine, Linoleic Acid, + More$17.00 / Fl Oz

What is Castor Oil? Why is it Good for Hair?

Castor Oil BeansCastor oil is extracted from the bean or seed of a castor plant. Castor oil, also known as Palma Christi (Palm of Christ), celebrates a long history of use that dates back to biblical times. It is considered to be one of the finest natural skin emollients. Historically in medicine, castor oil has often been used as a laxative or to induce or speed labor in pregnant women.

Unfortunately, castor oil has also been used as a form of punishment. Castor oil was used by Benito Mussolini and the fascist regime during the WWII era. Mega doses were orally administered to dissenters. This caused the victim to have bouts of explosive diarrhea, sometimes even dying from dehydration. Typically these mega doses were accompanied by a thorough beating which didn’t help matters one bit. Even the victims who survived suffered from the humiliation of the whole ordeal.

Fortunately, nowadays, castor oil is no longer used to as a method of punishment. It does however have a wide range of uses in medicine. It is used to help treat fungal infections, immune disorders, cancer, HIV, food additive, mold inhibitor, warts, boils, ringworm, and a number of other applications. In many cases, castor oil is added to a modern drug to increase its effectiveness. Castor oil is an excellent excipient and sees widespread use for this mechanism. Castor oil is even used as a bio-based polyol in the polyurethane industry. It makes a durable coating and/or packaging material for food items.

Castor Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Before and After 30 Days of Weekly Castor Oil Treatments

As a standalone oil, castor oil is used as a herbal treatment for many conditions. One of the leading applications is for the skin and hair. Though in the skin castor oil has been shown to heal cysts and acne, it also has positive effects when topically applied to the hair and scalp.

Castor oil for hair growth is a common use, but some individuals also use castor oil for hair loss. Though many plant based oils have been shown to carry benefits for the hair, castor oil is particularly potent. Castor oil contains omega 6 essential fatty acids, minerals, proteins, and vitamin E.

Its unusual chemical composition is made up of a 90% triglyceride of fatty acids, including the rare ricinoleic acid. In addition to being an anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial, castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for preventing scalp irritation that is caused by other topical solutions such as Rogaine or Ketoconazole.

Top Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair:

  • Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Soothes itchy scalp
  • Improves circulation
  • Eliminates split ends
  • Moisturizes scalp and hair
  • Helps treat dandruff and other scalp infections
  • Balances scalp pH
  • Antioxidants support keratin making hair stronger and less frizzy
  • Restores natural color

Castor Oil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Castor Oil for Hair LossCastor oil and hair loss have an interesting relationship. Typically a twice weekly castor oil treatment will be sufficient for cure most ailments. If you have temporary hair loss caused by a fungus or bacteria on the scalp, castor oil will cure these. Castor oil will treat some forms of hair loss. Hair loss due to breakage or damage hair is easily cured by castor oil. It also cures piedra, ringworm, and folliculitis hair loss conditions.

The omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and proteins will revitalize hair and moisturize each individual hair shaft. According to online beauty and health magazine Target Woman, circulation is a key factor for hair growth. Thanks to the high concentration of ricinoleic acid the oil is great for increasing circulation.

Castor oil massaged into the scalp will stimulate blood flow, expediting delivery of nutrients to hair follicles. That means hair will become thicker and healthier. It will be able to grow longer without getting frail or breaking. Castor oil is also known to help those struggling with postpartum hair loss or hair loss caused due to increased stress.

For those suffering from genetic hair loss such as pattern baldness, castor oil may have some benefit. It is unlikely castor oil will stimulate new hair growth in dormant hair follicles. It may help purge scalp DHT as it is an antifungal. However, most evidence that castor oil can prevent further hair loss is anecdotal. Some that have experimented with castor oil and Rogaine have reported much better results than using Rogaine alone. Perhaps, this is because the essential fatty acids accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, in theory helping the follicles absorb the minoxidil.

A cosmetic benefit, in the form of thicker hair, will likely be noticed by most users. This will help conceal mild hair loss or an individual who is in the beginning stages of hair loss. The beginning stages of hair loss is thinning hair, where the follicle still produces hair it is just thinner in diameter. In such cases, taking good care of your hair with the use of a natural oil is a good organic option.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

For hair growth and healthy hair, castor oil should be used once weekly. Castor oil is a wonderful form of aromatherapy when used with the right mixture (such as lavender oil). You will reap the benefits of thicker hair, but you’ll also notice less split ends and increased shine. For the best results, you want to get cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil. It may be a bit more expensive, but worth it for silky soft hair. If you are extremely interested in stimulating faster hair growth, rosemary essential oil would be an excellent oil to mix with the castor oil. The omega 9 fatty acid in castor oil keeps hair moisturized and provides holistic nourishment of the scalp and roots.

Castor Oil Hair Treatment: 5 Easy Steps

If you want to cover all the bases, we recommend the following natural oil mix: castor oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. You’ll want about 3 times as much castor oil as the other two oils. If you want to make just a little bit of the mix to try start with 3 Tablespoons of Castor Oil, 1 Tablespoon of Jojoba Oil, and 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil. This will make enough of the mixture for about 5 castor oil treatments.

Majestic Pure Castor Oil Back Label

Majestic Pure Castor Oil Example Label (Back)

For the best results (and the least amount of mess) you want the following items: old t shirt, rubber gloves, shower cap, comb or applicator brush, and a large towel.

  1. Mix the three oils in a dropper bottle. Shake vigorously.
  2. Part your hair down the middle. For a thorough treatment, part about 3-4 times. However, since castor oil is like a lubricant, it is fairly easily to uniformly spread throughout the hair and scalp.
  3. Use the dropper to apply the oil to scalp and roots along the part.
  4. Massage the oil mixture into your entire scalp and work through the hair. Massage scalp for about 5 minutes to increase blood circulation.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo and enjoy the results.

Top 5 Best Castor Oil Products for Hair Care 2016-2017

Here are the most popular castor oil hair products on the market.

1. Now Solutions 100% Castor OilNOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100 % Pure

NOW Solutions is a big name in the supplement business. They offer high grade products for reasonable prices. Their 100% pure castor oil is one of their most popular items. It is ideal for skin care and as a topical for healthy hair.

2. Gio Naturals Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Regrowth TreatmentGio Naturals Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Regrowth Treatment for Hair

Gio Naturals Castor Oil costs significantly more per ounce, but they stand behind their purity. 100% pure, virgin, hexane free is their claim to fame. If their fancy green bottle has managed to woo you, this mighty fine oil can be had for about $4/ounce.

3. Majestic Pure Castor Oil, Hair Wonder OilMajestic Pure Castor Oil, Hair Wonder Oil with Numerous Skin Benefits

If you’re looking for a large 16 fluid ounce bottle Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals has you covered. This is more than enough for those with longer and thick hair. Plus, you’ll have plenty for curing skin ailments and moisturizing applications to prevent signs of aging.

4. VITAMINS Shampoo for Hair Loss – Ultra Fast RegrowthVITAMINS Natural DHT Blocker Shampoo Treatment for Faster Regrowth

This one is a little different than the other products we have viewed so far. It is not a pure castor oil type product, this is a shampoo that combines a number of ingredients to combat hair loss. Castor oil is combined with other ingredients such as oleanolic acid, coconut oil, and their patented formulation called Procapil. The nice thing is you don’t have to add another step to your hair care regime, just incorporate the shampoo into your shower routine.

5. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor OilTropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil is processed the old school way, by roasting the beans. This gives the oil its rich brown color. Tropic Isle likes to say this enhances the effectiveness of the oil, but its probably quite comparable to castor oils processed normally. It is said that Jamaican elders used the oil to cure a wide variety of ailments from sunburns to migraines.

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