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Not many companies are completely focused on hair. was founded with one goal in mind — to help more men to keep more hair. Since it was founded, Keeps has worked with leading authorities on hair loss to develop the most advanced offerings in the hair industry.

Keeps is a New York-based company launched in January 2018. It all started when one of the founders, Demitiri Karagas pointed out Steve Gutentag’s thinning hair. The two then set out in search of an easy and convenient solution for men’s hair loss. When they didn’t find one, they decided to do it themselves.

According to research and feedback from real customers, most of their products either reduce or stop hair loss altogether. What’s more, Keeps recognizes that people are different, so different people require different treatment options. They work with state-licensed physicians who review customers’ information to identify and prescribe the most effective treatment options.

The company offers access to affordable, FDA-approved, scientifically-proven medications that have been proven to reverse hair loss.

The Products: Do They Work?

The majority of men lose their hair through male pattern baldness (MPB), which is genetic.  It cannot be treated by shampoos or over the counter supplements alone.

Nevertheless, there are a few products that combat male pattern baldness, but you need to start early. According to clinical evidence and customer reviews, these Keeps products do help promote hair growth.


Keeps Propecia

Finasteride stops or slows down hair loss in 90% men, with almost 2/3 experiencing new hair growth. Finasteride works on the crown and hairline.

Finasteride tablets are prescription drugs used to treat hereditary hair loss. So, in many cases, taking this medicine for 3-4 months can stop hair loss and help regenerate lost hair.

Results from clinical experiments indicate that a daily dose of 1 mg of Finasteride stopped hair loss in 86% men. And increased hair growth in 65% of the men under study.


The only over-the-counter drug for hair loss approved by the FDA. Minoxidil is a medication that helps men’s hair to grow thicker and longer. Many men see improvement in 3-4 months when they apply to their scalp every day. Minoxidil can also significantly improve the vertex and crown health.

Before you apply minoxidil, ensure your scalp and hair are dry. Keeps recommend minoxidil (5%) for men suffering from thinning hair and Finasteride (1mg) for those with receding hairlines. And sells the two products together to customers with extensive hair loss and thinning.

Are the Offers Affordable?

Several companies in the hair loss industry are too willing to take your money. Keeps seem to understand what men want: the most affordable, and easiest solution to stop hair loss.

Rarely spoken about is the doctor consultation service offered by Keeps. The service is free for first-time visitors and only $20 for subsequent visits. Keeps connects you with a licensed physician who then reviews your  information before prescribing any hair loss treatment plan. Furthermore, you can forgo the consultation if you’re already prescribed Finasteride from your doctor and still get the medication delivered to you at an affordable price.

Plans start at $10 per month, which is way cheaper than existing options. Purchases are final, though the company will replace damaged or defective items. Keeps charges $3 (flat rate), and they don’t ship internationally.

Plans consist of a 90-day supply of products which they will deliver to your door in 2-3 days. Customers can contact the company via email or phone. Keeps customer support are ready to answer your questions between 10am – 6pm EST from Monday through Friday.

A Special Offer Just For Our Readers

As a special offer for Hold The Hairline readers, Keeps is offering a great deal on their personalized treatment options.

Try Keeps now and receive:

  • 3 months of treatments for $70 (Up to $35 off) or,
  • 6 months of treatments for $150 (Up to $60 off) or,
  • 12 months of treatments for $300 (Up to $120 off)

What Side Effects Have Been Reported?

Though uncommon, minoxidil may cause the scalp to itch, flake or redden. Even so, such occurrence is often possible if you use a stronger, 5%, concentration of the medication. Take note of use—minoxidil should not be taken through the mouth. It’s an “external use only” medicine that should not be used more often than prescribed.

In some men (3.8 % of patients in clinical trials), Finasteride can cause decreased sexual desire, or reduce the amount of semen released during intercourse.

Finasteride is unlikely to give you any severe allergic reaction. Signs of a serious reaction may include itching, facial swelling, dizziness or difficulty breathing.

Want to Stop Your Hair Loss before it’s Too Late?

No waiting rooms.. Simply visit their website and answer simple questions about yourself, and upload a few photos. Within 24 hours, a licensed physician will reach out to you with a customized diagnosis and treatment plan.

Currently, the company is available in over 25 states across the country (it covers 80% of the population). Still, they can ship to all 50 states for men who already have a prescription.

What’s good, Keeps sells medication at about half the price of what you will pay at a local drug store. Moreover, they offer ongoing support and progress tracking tools for free. So, do you want to stop hair loss now?

Ready to turn your hair loss around? is a great solution.

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