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Tricomin’s products are some of the most promising hair loss treatment products available. On this Tricomin review page, we are going to discuss the data, breakdown results, look at the cost and benefits, and in conclusion either give Tricomin a thumbs up or thumbs down. First, we will take a look at the Tricomin brand and how their products work.

If you’re curious about trying this product you can purchase Tricomin here. Below, you’ll find an image of Tricomin’s product line.

What is Tricomin? Who is behind these products?

Tricomin is a brand owned by PhotoMedex. PhotoMedex is a global skin and health medical technology company. They mainly deal in cosmeceuticals (a fancy word for cosmetics who have medical-like benefits) and pharmaceuticals.

Tricomin's 3 Products - Tricomin Reviews

Old Tricomin Bottle Style

Through the brand Tricomin, they sell the therapy spray, shampoo, and conditioner products. We take an in-depth look at these in our review section. Both the shampoo and conditioner are used just like any other shampoo. However, you’ll want to leave it in for 3-5 minutes instead of rinsing right away. The therapy spray is designed to be used after the shower. It is meant to be applied to wet hair to allow the follicles and roots of the hair to absorb the spray.

Tricomin and the FDA Approval Story

In Phase II clinical studies, Tricomin had very positive results. It was tested on 36 men who applied the treatment topically twice/day for 6 months. It is one of the few treatments that have actually been shown to stimulate hair growth in intensive FDA trials. Interestingly, the company decided not to pursue phase III trials for full FDA approval. Whether this was because of lack of funding or unimpressive results is hard to say. As you probably know, FDA approval is a rigorous and costly process. There have only been three other FDA approved treatments for hair loss. Though lack of funding probably wasn’t the sole reason for not pushing it through the final trials. What is our opinion? The fact that it got to phase III means it is a viable treatment. But the fact that they never finished the approval process points to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t the revolutionary, magic bullet cure to hair loss to make it worth the effort and cost to complete the trials.

Many people say that ProCyte the company pushing through the trials was almost bankrupt so they couldn’t finish the trials. Therefore, they were forced to release it as an over-the-counter product without and hair loss treatment claims. It is possible that this was the case, however it seems if their results were so promising another outside party would have provided the finances required to finish the 3rd trial. Of course, much of this deliberation is fruitless because it is hard to dig up information on the trials because they took place nearly two decades ago in 1997.

How Does Tricomin Work?

Tricomin uses two main technologies which they have patented. They are called the “Copper Peptide Complex” and the “Triamino Copper Complex” technologies. These are fancy ways of highlighting the delivery system that Tricomin products incorporate. It also highlights the main ingredients such as amino acids. As you may have guessed, copper is the key ingredient in their products. Copper is found in relative abundance in the hair follicles. Copper levels decrease as you get older, decreasing the amount of copper available for your thirsty follicles.

Follicle Energy Spray

The cool thing about Tricomin is that it is in its own class. It is not like Propecia, it doesn’t inhibit DHT internally to stop the cause of hair loss. It is also unlike Minoxidil, it doesn’t use potassium channel “openers” to stimulate new hair growth.

Tricomin Densifying Shampoo

Hair follicles go through phases, the growth and the resting phase. During the growth phase, many substances such as collagen and proteins are found in the root of the hair follicles called the dermal papilla. Most of these substances are virtually absent or found in trace amounts during the resting phase. Copper is one of the ingredients that have been found to stimulate the cells back into production. With these substances now active during the resting phase, it provides the hair follicles with a thicker, healthier appearance.

Tricomin Reinforcing Conditioner

Benefits of Using Tricomin:

  • For both men and women.
  • Fortifies the hair and maintains healthy hair condition.
  • Aids in delivery of nutrients to hair follicles, thickens hair shafts.
  • Creates a healthy scalp environment, helps prevent redness and other scalp conditions.
  • No side effects recorded during clinical trials.

Tricomin Reviews: Energy Spray, Shampoo, and Conditioner

This is our Tricomin review section. We take a closer look at Tricomin’s three products: the therapy spray, shampoo, and conditioner.

Tricomin Clinical Follicle Energy Spray

Tricomin Clinical Follicle Energy Spray

Tricomin Therapy Spray would be a great topical to use alongside of Rogaine. Spray down your scalp liberally with both treatments and you have yourself a potent combination. You’ll stimulate hair growth from two different angles. Rogaine brings the minoxidil while Tricomin enriches the hair with a blend of amino acids, minerals, and other hair building ingredients.

As with most hair loss prevention products, noticeable results required sustained use (~6 months). However, Tricomin’s cosmetic benefits will be realized right away. If you still have a lot of hair, it will substantially boost your hair’s appearance.

How to use Tricomin:

  1. Mist liberally over the scalp twice a day.
  2. For those with longer hair, either part the hair or apply enough to massage into roots.
  3. Use the tips of fingers to work over scalp and to get full coverage.
  4. Follow this for 6 months to see how your hair responds to the solution.

Tricomin Clinical Densifying Shampoo

Tricomin Densifying Shampoo with Copper Peptides

Tricomin also includes a shampoo in their lineup. Though your hair is probably going to get all the copper it needs using the therapy, it isn’t a bad idea to use their shampoo. Especially if you’re looking for something new. The shampoo has grown pretty popular. Many people love the way it makes their hair look and the cooling effect on the scalp.

It is sort of like an insurance plan, as sometimes you’ll miss a few spots with the spray, particularly those of you with longer hair. By bathing your hair in Tricomin’s unique blend, then following up with the spray after your shower, you’ll ensure your hair is adsorbing as much as it needs to. Nevertheless, if you are just looking to get one Tricomin product we recommend the therapy spray as you can do without the other two.

Tricomin Clinical Reinforcing Conditioner

Tricomin Clinical Reinforcing Conditioner

The Tricomin Restructuring Conditioner is the last product in their line up. It is a high quality conditioner that has a pretty steep price tag. If you’re tight on money, it doesn’t make sense to buy both the shampoo and conditioner. We’d suggest one or the other.

If you already plan to purchase the shampoo, we think the conditioner is a bit overkill on the copper treatment. Especially if you are using the spray therapy after showering. We’d suggest skipping the costly conditioner and picking up a thickening conditioner for optimal hair appearance.

Hold the Hairline’s Take

When a writer on our staff used this product, he noticed that his hair was a lot shinier and “thick and heavier” feeling. He has mildly thinning, frizzier hair and the product appeared to “tame” his hair. After you study hair loss for awhile, you begin to realize that it is a very complex condition. It has many interrelated causes. If it wasn’t so complicated, scientists would have found a cure for hair loss decades ago. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Sure, we know DHT is the main culprit, but how, in what amounts, and why some hair follicles are more sensitive to it than others are still mysteries.

It appears that Tricomin leans towards promoting a healthier hair and scalp environment rather than inhibiting DHT like a drug like Propecia, for example. Tricomin would be a great addition to a sound regime of Propecia and Rogaine. It is also a great treatment to try for those individuals who dropped those treatments due to side effects and are looking for a safer alternative.

If we had to quickly describe Tricomin we would call it the best aesthetic product for improving hair appearance hands down.

Tricomin Related Studies and Evidence

Here’s some research related to the effectiveness of copper peptides and Tricomin:

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