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About two-thirds of the male population will suffer from some form of hair loss before they reach age 35. Men aren’t the only ones who lose hair either–women account for 40% of those with hair loss. Whether your hair loss is caused by an autoimmune disease, hormones, medications, or genetics it can be equally difficult to manage.

Luckily, there are certain conditioners made to prevent hair loss and possibly even reverse it. It’s important to accompany a hair loss shampoo with an equally effective conditioner. We all know that finding treatments for hair loss can be frustrating. Are you lost when it comes to figuring out the right product for your hair? Check out our buying guide to the best conditioners for hair loss.

10 Best Hair Conditioners

Finding the right conditioner for hair loss doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re here to make your life much easier–that’s why we’ve made a list of some of the best hair conditioners for men and women:

1. Biotin Thickening Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Thin Hair

Best Conditioner for Thin Hair

Biotin Thickening Conditioner is one of the best conditioners for hair growth. It incorporates herbal ingredients like castor oil and biotin saw palmetto to promote hair growth–keratin, aloe vera, and coconut oil infusions also help your hair grow strong and thick. This conditioner is perfect if you have sensitive skin, as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like sulfate.

Users on Amazon rated this product five out of five stars and raved about the smoothness and thickness of their hair in the reviews. Many have even noticed that their hair sheds less after using this conditioner.

2. Ultrax Lab Hair Solaye Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Have you ever thought of putting coffee in your hair? Ultrax Lab’s conditioner is meant to stimulate hair growth with the help of its main ingredient–caffeine. Caffeine triggers hair growth and works to extend the life of existing hairs. In addition to caffeine, this product is also infused with jojoba oil and chamomile extract, both of which encourage hair growth.

The majority of Amazon users are satisfied with this conditioner and show off their new hair growth in the reviews.

3. Hairgenics Pronexa Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Natural Hair

best conditioner for natural hair

This conditioner nourishes your hair with a combination of biotin, hydrolyzed marine collagen, seaweed extract, vitamins, and hydrolyzed keratin. Using a conditioner with biotin will make your hair feel smooth, strong, and can even result in hair growth. The manufacturer suggests that you use the product alongside its shampoo for at least six months. A significant amount of users vouch for this conditioner’s ability to prevent hair loss while making your hair silky smooth.

4. Zenagen Revolve Unisex Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Women & Men

best conditioner for women

Not only does Zenagen Revolve Conditioner make your hair soft and smooth, but it also fights hair loss. It uses all natural ingredients that discourage hair loss–its nutraceutical technology focuses on the enzyme that causes hair loss. You can expect to see results in as soon as 2-6 weeks. Customers on Amazon notice new hair growth and thickness after using Zenagen Revolve.

5. TruePure Argan Oil Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

best conditioner for damaged hair

This conditioner is suited for all hair types including dry, oily, normal, damaged, thin, and even dyed. Its mixture of argan oil, jojoba oil, and caffeine helps to nourish your hair follicles and prevents breakage.

If your scalp is especially sensitive to perfumes, this conditioner has you covered–it’s made without any artificial scents that irritate your scalp and result in hair thinning. Customers notice an improvement in their hair’s texture and thinning after using TruePure Argan Oil Conditioner.

6. Roots Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Hair Loss

Best Conditioner for Hair Loss

Roots Conditioner promotes hair growth with its combination of ingredients that block dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone that’s a common cause of hair loss–ingredients like caffeine, biotin, lupine protein, soybean isoflavones, and red Korean ginseng work to block DHT. This conditioner is also ranked a five out of five, with most customers finding their hair feeling softer and stronger.

7. Anti-Hair Loss Botanical Ginger Conditioner

Best Organic Conditioner

Best Organic Conditioner

This anti-hair loss conditioner works to extend your hair growth cycle, moisturize your scalp, and stimulates hair growth. It contains organic ingredients like ginger oil to reverse hair loss. Ginger helps your hair follicles recover and reduces any inflammation on your scalp.

Many users are satisfied with their product, citing that their hair stopped falling out and also became shinier.

8. DermaChange Platinum Hair Growth Moisturizing Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Thick Hair

Best Conditioner for Thick Hair

If you struggle with oily hair, but still want to nourish your scalp, try this conditioner. DermaChange Conditioner will moisturize your hair without making it oily and weighed down. It doesn’t contain any toxins that are harmful to your hair growth. Instead, it contains ingredients like biotin, manuka honey, aloe vera, and rosemary to spur new hair growth. Some customers said it made their hair stronger and not oily.

9. Dr. Yates MD Hydrating Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Hair Growth

Best Conditioner for Hair Growth

Dr. Yates Hydrating Conditioner is infused with pumpkin seed oil, yucca root, and biotin. After extensive research, Dr. Yates found that these ingredients can help to improve hair growth. Customers on Amazon, including one suffering from hair loss after chemotherapy, found that their hair became softer and started to grow back.

10. Vitamins Hair Loss Conditioner

Best Conditioner for Brittle Hair

Best Conditioner for Brittle Hair

During the clinical trial, users lost 60% less hair while using this conditioner. This doctor-recommended anti-hair loss conditioner has ingredients that block DHT. In addition to helping reduce hair loss, Vitamins Conditioner contains biotin to help thicken your hair.

Most users found this product to be effective in preventing hair loss. However, some found that using this conditioner tended to dry out their hair.

Benefits of Using Hair Conditioner

Many people skip using hair conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner nourishes your scalp, and if you suffer from hair loss it’s important to give your scalp the nutrients it needs.

Hair Detangling

Conditioners smooth out your hair, making it easier to comb. Constantly tugging at tangles in your hair causes your hair to break. Anyone who is experiencing hair loss definitely doesn’t need to lose any more strands.

Protects Against Towel Damage

If you have a habit of rubbing your head with a towel after your shower, you should use conditioner often. Towel drying your hair can damage and break your hair’s cuticles. When you use conditioner, you’re strengthening your hair and preventing towel drying damage.

Contains Nourishing Ingredients

There are many ingredients in conditioner that work to make your hair healthier–they often have essential oils that can promote hair growth and reduce frizz. These oils also leave your hair smooth, silky, and shiny.

Moisturizes Your Hair

You should use conditioner if you notice your hair feeling dry. Conditioners help your hair retain water by providing hydration to your follicles. Don’t worry about your hair getting weighed down–most conditioners are formulated to produce a lightweight feeling.

Repairs Damage Over Time

After using conditioner for a long period of time, you’ll find your hair recovering from damage. It’ll become less brittle, dry, and won’t break as much.

best conditioner

3 Things to Know Before Buying Hair Conditioner

When you’re specifically buying hair conditioner for hair loss, you can’t just pick up the first conditioner you see on the shelf. Those who suffer from hair loss have to use conditioners that are suited to their needs.

1. Find a Conditioner for Your Problem

Stick with a conditioner that’s specifically tailored to the issue that you have in addition to hair loss.

If you have severe dandruff, you should use anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner instead of a hydrating conditioner. Dandruff is actually a result of inflammation and fungus on your scalp, and can’t be cured with just hydration. Look for the ingredient zinc pyrithione in anti-dandruff conditioners–it’s very effective in treating dandruff.

Do you find your hair shedding or thinning?

Go for conditioners that have keratin or contain vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients will make your hair stronger, while also allowing your hair follicles to perform properly.

Maybe your hair is excessively damaged–conditioners can help smooth out wiry, damaged hair. You should use conditioners with argan oil and keratin, as these ingredients have properties that will make your hair return to a healthy state.

2. Avoid Sulfate (SLS)

You’ll typically find sulfate in your soaps, shampoo, and conditioner. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the ingredient that makes cleaning agents and hair products produce foam. SLS is actually found in cleaning products that are used to scrub garage floors and engines.

best conditioner for hair

This ingredient can also contribute to hair loss. If you don’t thoroughly rinse your hair after conditioning it, you’ll leave SLS on your strands, which damages your hair follicles. Not only does sulfate slow your hair’s growth, but it’s also drying enough to cause hair breakage.

During the hair cycle, your follicle sheds hair–these vulnerable follicles are left exposed and can die when it comes into contact with SLS for a long amount of time. Dozens of hair follicles on your head are susceptible to daily damage from SLS, and once a follicle dies it can’t grow back. SLS is an ingredient that should be avoided if you’re looking to prevent hair loss–always pay close attention to your conditioner ingredient list.

3. Figure Out Your Hair Type

Keep an eye out for conditioners that match your hair type. If you tend to have oily hair, buy conditioners that are strengthening or volumizing. On the other hand, those with dry hair should purchase conditioners that are hydrating.

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