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If you’ve never heard of Shiseido, you should. It’s an award-winning hair care company from Japan that’s been around since 1872. Among skin and hair professionals, Shiseido is known as a high-quality brand and you’ll often find their hair products in high-end salons. What’s more, Shiseido recently announced they will be partnering with RepliCel Life Sciences, a Canadian regenerative medicine company, on a project to fight hair loss and find a cure for baldness.  With all of this dedication to hair loss, we couldn’t help but provide some Shiseido reviews of their hair products to see whether they’re worth it or not.

Shiseido Reviews

Admittingly, English Shiseido reviews were not the easiest to find since they market mostly towards an Asian market. However, we were able to find some information on their best sellers. When we looked at their main website, we couldn’t find any information on hair products and we discovered it’s because they have a whole separate website for Shiseido hair care and Shiseido hair loss.

If you are interested, they even produced an “Anti-Aging Hair Care Book” for their customers to educate themselves about hair loss and relevant shieseido hair products. Not only is the book full of useful information on hair care and hair loss but in true Japanese fashion, it is complete with adorable animation.

shiseido reviews

Shiseido Shampoo and Conditioner

Shiseido has eight lines of shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments each targeting a different type of hair concerns. From hair thinning to scalp care, there is a solution for each one. According to their website, Shiseido combines the latest technology with natural ingredients to bring their customers the best.

One of the hair product ranges is called Adenovital and it is specifically formulated for hair loss. It includes a shampoo, a scalp treatment, a scalp essence, a scalp tonic, and a root spray. In combination, these products moisturize the scalp, strengthen the cuticles, and provide a healthy scalp environment for growth factors. Scalp care seems to be the main focus of most Shiseido hair loss products.

The second line of Shiseido haircare relevant to hair loss is the Fuente Forte series. The focus of this line is to solve dandruff and itching problems and reduce oiliness and impurities. On their website, it says it’s for “those who are concerned about the scalp’s lack of resilience and moisture due to aging,”. This line also has several products for sensitive skin.

The third line you might be interested in is Aqua Intensive, made for people specifically with damaged hair due to the overuse of products and heat treatments. As the name implies, the products in this line are intensely hydrating.

Now, let’s get to some Shiseido reviews to see what exactly people are saying about their products.

1. Adenovital Vital Scalp Essence V

Adenovital Vital Scalp Essence V shiseido

One of the top sellers from the Adenovital line is the Adenovital Scalp Essence V. This is a spray formulated with ingredients derived from apricot, shitaba extract (a Japanese superfood), Lingzhi extract (mushroom) and other plant ingredients. Together they help moisturize and boost hair growth. This product works by delivering ingredients straight into the hair papilla, which is the part of the hair follicle that supplies nutrients to the hair.

One reviewer said after using this product for a month, “magically, baby hair started sprouting,”. Another said she noticed added volume. Wonect, a website that reviews Japanese products, also noted this product is popular among pregnant woman in Japan because it’s safe for them to use. Adenovital Scalp Essence V also has strong consumer reviews on Amazon as well.

2. Adenovital Shampoo

Adenovital shiseido shampoo

If you’re looking for a shampoo to make your hair silky and soft, you might want to try the Adenovital shampoo. It’s moisturizing and improves scalp conditions. People love this shampoo because it’s extremely hydrating and smells very good. Some have noted an improvement in hair growth and thickness, but the majority of customer feedback saying it left their hair super silky and smooth This is more than just a look, and will make hair more resistant to breakage.

3. Adenovital Scalp Treatment

Adenovital Scalp Treatment

Another Shiseido product we were curious about was the Adenovital scalp treatment. There were limited reviews on this product online but we were able to find a picture of a person’s scalp before and after using this product.

shiseido before and after

They did not state how long this person used the treatment but you can clearly see a difference in the before and after pictures. This scalp treatment is used in hair salons by professional stylists to give customers a deep hair treatment.

4. Fuente Forte Purifying Shampoo

Fuente Forte Purifying Shampoo

If dandruff or itchy scalp is your concern, the Shiseido Fuente Forte range provides several shampoos to help. To help, the Fuente Forte Purifying shampoo not only washes but declogs your pores. It breaks down build-up from other products and impurities from the environment. It also contains extracts from scutellaria, which is a plant related to the mint family.

One user wrote she loved the cooling sensation on her scalp when she used it and how it made her hair feel less greasy but without overly drying. When we looked into it, turns out, one of the main ingredients in this shampoo is scutellaria extract. This plant is the member of the mint family, which is creating that sensation.

5. Shiseido AQUAIR Shampoo & Conditioner

Shiseido AQUAIR Shampoo & Conditioner

If preventing hair loss is a concern of yours, you might want to check this out. The Shiseido Aquair shampoo and conditioner set. It has glowing reviews on Amazon and was listed as one of the top Shiseido shampoo and conditioner sets on Sheknows.

This shampoo and conditioner is formulated for people with dry, brittle and sun-damaged hair. It contains vitamin E, which promotes hair growth and reduces inflammation. It repairs damages created by harmful UV rays and creates a protective layer to prevent further damage. Reviewers on Amazon reported shinier and silkier hair after using this set. Some say it’s one of the best shampoo and conditioners they’ve ever used. The only negative reviews we noticed recurring was about the smell of the shampoo described as overpowering.

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